Thursday, 9 August 2012

Poetry Messages

Kabhi Kabhi

Mohabbat Main
Wafa Ki Laaj

Haraam Mout Mer Ker
Rakhi Jaati Hai....

Na hi phool khilte hain
Na hi mousam badalte hain
Wahaan tou kuch bhi nahi hota
Jhaan pe tum nahi hote

Yhaan waise tou her Sogaat
Asaani se mil jaati hai
Mera Dil nhi lagta
Jhaan pe tum nahi hote

Yhaan tou log sadyon ko bhi
Lamhon main badal daite hain
Mera ek pal nahi kat'ta
Jhaan pe tum nhi hote

Sabab Rone ka
Jo poochte ho Qasid
Usay kehna mujhy hasna nhi aata
Jhaan pe tum nhi hote

Kasam tou kha li hai
Tum ne
Mujhy Kabhi
Yaad na kerne ki
Mager Suno!
Subh jb aankh khule tumhari
Tou takye per
phailay huwe Kajal ko
Chupa liya kerna
Ke koi jaan na sake
Tum raat dair tak roto rahi ho
Meri yaad main!

Abhi bhi waqat hai 
Tum Lout Aoo

Mujhy tumse
Mohabbat ho chali hai

Bazahir sakoon 
Tari hai Mujh Per

Mager Dil main ek
Qayamat ho chali hai

Tumhare name se youn
Phoolon ka khilna

Tumhara roz ka youn
Mujh se milna

Tumhare Chand se 
Chehre ko Takna
Meri ankhon ko 
Adat ho chali hai 

Abhi bhi waqt hai
Tum Lout Aoo

Mujhy Tumse
 Mohabbat ho chali hai.

Tu pak Khuda di "Chah" warga
Mere pind nu jaande "Raah" warga
Tenu bhulaan vi te kinj "Sajna"
Tu aande jaande "Saah" warga


Advice Messages

Funny Messages

Pakistani Police:

Motercycle wala!

sir g kaghazat tou poore hain
phir challan kyn?


Double sawari khul gae ay
te toon kalla ee ja rya ain :)

Main Zindgi bher 
Jis lerki ko chahta rha
Aaj us ka baita bola!
Papa mujhy school chor aen
. Moral!
Her koi "Mamu" nahi banta. :)

 Pyar ke iss dor main
Shadi ho Lahore main

Payari si ek Bivi ho
Jaise Rangeen tv ho

Gol Matol se salay hon
Jaise Dahi k Payalay hon

Pyari si ek Saali ho
Bivi ke baad gher wali ho

Pyar ke iss dor main
Shadi ho Lahore main :)

I always pray 4 u
that may ur life
b bright & sunny

and ur husband
Fat & Funny

May ur life filled wid Roses
& ur children hav
"Pheeni Noses" :)

Jb tum hanste ho to lagta hay
insaan phlay "Bander tha!

Dekhoo Gussa mat karo!

Jb tum gussa kerte ho tou lgta hay
Insaan aaj bhi Banger" hai :)

aapan te her roz
kukker naal roti khaee di ay

ess mehngaee vich kvain?

Ek burki aap khaee di ay
ek kukker nu paee di ay :)


Decent Messages

The Greatest Gift Tht
U Can Give 2 Somone
Is Ur "Time"
Wen U Giv Someone Ur Time
U R Giving Her A Portion
Of Ur Life
That U Will Never Get Back


 Nicest saying heard ever

"I don't have time
To hate people
Who Hate me,
I'm too busy
In loving people
who loves me!!!


Shakespeare said,

Love Me
Hate Me

Both r in my favour,

If u Love me
I'll always b in ur Heart
If u Hate me
I'll always b in ur Mind.


Once all villagers decided to pray 4 rain,
one the day of prayer
all people gathered
& only one boy came with umbrella.
that's Confidence.

Trust should b like Feelings of
1 years old baby,
wen u throw him in the air,
he laughs......
Bcuz he knows u will catch him.

Keep Confidence, Trust In ALLAH &
neer loose HOPE.


A cute Love story:

Girl: Am i pretty?
Boy: No

Girl: Do u want to liv with me
Boy: No

Girl: Will u cry if i leave?
Boy: No

The Girl got hurt and started to cry,
The Boy pulled her close to him and said:

You are not pretty but Beautiful,
I don't want to live wid u But liv 4 u,
If u leave me i won't cry but Die.


Birthday Messages

wishing you love in your heart
Wishing you joy in your soul
 and every little happiness
in your world...
as u are so very special 4 me.
 Enjoy Your Day

The warmest wishes are being
sent your way
for all the best life can hold
today and everyday
Happy Birthday To You!

What can I wish you on ur birthday?
 U r rich in all the things that really count
 a loving heart, a joyous spirit,
and friends who care.
one wish I can make for you is that
 some small measure of the joys
 u bring to others will return to u.

Today's is the last sunset of this year
& I pray that All your worries
set down with this sunset
& new beem of new year
spread happiness in ur life
Happy Birthday To You!














Happy Birthday Tou You!

Happy Birthday!
Ur another year older and wiser
Unfortunately, it's a package deal!

**Happy Birthday**
** To **
May ALLAH Bless You
With All The Joys Of Happiness!

I make a dua that
 Happiness comes to ur door
May it knock earlier,stay late
& leave the gift of ALLAH's piece
Joy & Good Health
Happy Birthday To You!

Friendship Messages

Friendship is:

When u hav had ahuge fight 
but then decided to 
put aside ur egos and say

 "I Need You"

Atleast to fight again.

Its Feels so good when Strangers become the Friends
But it Really Feels Sad when Friends become Strangers
I don't ever want to loose. But i hope if it happens
After listening my voice U will  smile and say

"Mera Friend Tha"

If one day you will feel like crying
I'm not sure to fix that 
But i will cry with You!

Hay ager dosti Khuda tou khone mat daina

Hay ager dosti gunah tou hone mat daina

kerte ho tum ager kisi dost se sachi dosti

Zindgi bher usay tum kabhi khone mat daina

We Are Friends Forever End Ever & End Ever.

Eid Mubarak Messages

On the Holy occasion of Eid
Here's wishing that
may the blessings of ALLAH
light up ur way and load to u
everlasting happiness,success and peace
Eid Mubarak  

Eid Mubarak To You Sweetheart
May This Eid Bring Happiness
And Colours In Yours Life
May You Get ALLAH'S Blessings
Today And Ever!


Yoy are such a pleasure in my life
I hope that you can see
How meaningful your friendship is
You mean the World to me

Happy Eid Mubarak

Fone te kerni duniya daari
Miss call te sukki yaari
Aider oder lamiyan calaan
Moun paindi ay saadi waari

"Eid Mubarak"

Waikhi ay saadi yaari
10 din pehlan ee EID kad maari :)


On This Joyful Occasion of Eid
May ALLAH Bless You 
With Happiness 
And Grace Your Home With
Warmth and peace!

Eid Mubarak!

Wishing you an eid

that brings with it 

the love and protection

 of ALLAH to stay always 

Happy Eid!